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Royal E-Coat
931 Newhall Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Tel: (949) 645-6246
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Royal E-Coat

E-coating Services in Southern California

E-coating is an electrically-applied paint coating. It is also known as electrocoating, electronic coating, electronic painting, ecoating, electro coating, and electrophoretic coating. E-Coating is a high quality, low cost alternative to powder coating, lacquer spray, anodizing, or plating.


Blueprints calling for electrocoat typically use terms such as cathodic electrodeposition matte black, epoxy black electrocoat, or cathodic epoxy electrocoat. Royal E-Coat does epoxy e-coat and polyurethane e-coat.

If you would like to see e-coat on your product or have questions about our services, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you and to ecoat samples to your specifications.