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Royal E-Coat
931 Newhall Street
Costa Mesa, CA

Tel: (949) 645-6246
Fax: (949) 645-9259

Welcome to ROYAL E-COAT. We are one of the first (and only) ecoat service providers in Southern California. We are an established electrocoat company and member of the metal finishing industry with years of experience and many satisfied customers. From day one our goal has been to deliver the highest quality e-coating service in the quickest possible time. We are currently located in the city of Costa Mesa in Orange County, California.

Our customers include manufacturers of: automotive parts, door hardware, sporting goods equipment, and die-cast parts, just to name a few. And after twenty years of field testing, our coatings are still performing to beautify and protect metal parts.

Our technical staff is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the coating of your product and the performance you can expect to receive.

If you would like to see e-coat on your product or have questions about our services, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you and to e-coat samples to your specifications. The Contact Info page will give you our basic contact information in an easy-to-print format. Please see What is E-Coat? for an explanation of the e-coating process and a sample list of e-coat applications. E-Coat Advantages reveals more about what ecoat can do for you.